Hi there!

This blog is about mathematics, science, and a student trying to wrap his head around both.

The converse problem.

Each week, I try to illuminate some part of the student life in relation to science and mathematics. Most people conceive of these subjects as being intimidating or “serious”, but the reality is that they can be a lot of fun too. There’s a whole hidden side to science and mathematics that most people never get to glimpse after having a bad experience in secondary school. My goal here is to document this hidden part, as well as give those who are on a similar journey a place to kick back and empathize with our shared struggles.

If you want to follow the blog, the best way is by subscribing through RSS. I respect your time, so there aren’t any advertisements or other distractions. There are only words (and an occasional illustration). This is a labour of love. My gift to you, the reader.

– Jeremy