Area Under the Curve

If you’ve ever had a calculus class, you may remember that the idea of an integral is to calculate the area under the curve of a function. The way this is done is by taking the sum of the infinitesimal “rectangles” that are under the curve. Each rectangle is effectively a line, but by adding them up you can create the area under a function.

Similarly, you can think about this relationship in your life. Each day is just like those “line rectangles”. By themselves, they don’t account for much. In fact, they don’t even occupy an area. However, by stacking up these lines, day by day, you can recreate the whole function. By working on your craft day after day, even when it feels like you aren’t really accomplishing anything, you’re working towards improving yourself.

Remember, no day in particular is important. Instead, it’s about consistently putting in the effort to do the work that is needed. This will result in the improvement you’re searching for.

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